Statement by Slovenian Foreign Minister Miro Cerar at the Event “Alliance for Multilateralism: Building the Network and Presenting Results”

26.09.2019 - Speech

Dear colleagues, dear friends,
This meeting is both timely and topical. I thank Germany and France for this important initiative.

Slovenia sees the multilateralism at the core of a functioning, orderly and prosperous international community. It is really encouraging to see that so many countries share this view and that we are all willing to stand up to support, promote and strengthen multilateral mechanisms, bodies and treaties.

We share one planet. We share its richness, its challenges and its problems. The only effective way to find answers, solutions and improvements, is to work together, to hear each other, to support each other.

This is especially true when speaking of the impact of climate change. Let me therefore say that Slovenia fully supports the elements of the joint position, prepared by the Group of Friends on “Climate and Security”.

Climate change presents a direct and existential danger that spares no one. It has a devastating impact on our lives; it has political, economic and social consequences. It has also brought about climate-related security risks, such as conflicts over natural resources, food shortages, territorial losses due to sea-level rise and displacement.

One of the most critical consequences of climate change is water scarcity. Our existence depends on water and it can therefore greatly affect international peace and security. Water is, in consequence, one of the most delicate issues of cooperation among nations.

I would like to draw your attention to the final report of the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace, chaired by the former President of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Türk. The Panel’s report, entitled “A Matter of Survival”, presents important conclusions and recommendations regarding international water cooperation.

I believe that it is in our collective interest to ensure the necessary follow-up and start re-shaping the global hydropolitics agenda – from a fundamental rethinking of cross-border water cooperation to a formulation of principles on protection of water sources and installations in conflict situations.

I use every opportunity to proudly underline that in 2016, Slovenia enshrined the right to clean drinking water in its Constitution. For Slovenia, water really matters. With this in mind, we are honored to take over the chairmanship of the Group of Friends on Water and Peace in Geneva, starting next year.

We believe that the proposed strengthening of information-sharing on climate risks and management within the UN system should pay special attention to the nexus between water, climate change and security.

Finally, I would also like to recall that Slovenia has already joined the Call for Action to strengthen respect for international humanitarian law and principled humanitarian action, as well as the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace.

Let me therefore conclude by commending once more the organizers of this meeting and reiterate the sincere commitment of my country to active multilateralism.

Together we are stronger!