Statement by Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne at the event “Alliance for Multilateralism: Building the Network and Presenting Results”

26.09.2019 - Speech

Thank you very much Chair and good afternoon colleagues.

I’m very pleased to be here today.

I want to briefly highlight Australia’s leadership and coordinated engagement in practical multilateral initiatives and particularly to address the threat to global peace and security that is posed by terrorism and violent extremism.

France’s ground-breaking No Money for Terror Conference in 2018 led to the Paris Agenda, and provided momentum for UN Security Council Resolution 2462.

So building on that, Australia will host and co-host two important multilateral initiatives to address terrorist financing in November of this year in Australia.

Firstly, the second No Money for Terror Conference in Melbourne in November, which will address the key terrorism financing risks, trends, and methods, and also evaluate the effectiveness of our multilateral cooperation on these issues.

Secondly, in November in Australia also, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines will co-host the Regional Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit. Which is aimed at developing new and innovative ways to collaborate on disrupting terrorism financing to and in the Indo-Pacific.

Our support for these counter terrorism financing efforts is underpinned by an absolutely core principle – that we stand for an international order based on rules and cooperation, that upholds peace and prosperity for all nations.

I particularly want to commend my friend Ministers Jean-Yves Le Drian for his leadership, and our German colleague for bringing us here today in this Alliance for Multilateralism.

Thank you.