The picture shows the Foreign Ministers of several countries sitting in a row to chair a ministerial meeting at the UN Headquarters in New York. A back-drop saying “Alliance for Multilateralism. #MultilateralismMatters” as well as a screen showing the person speaking can be seen in the background.
© Martin Loper

Ministerial Meeting: Building the Network and Presenting Results.

The UN is at the center of the multilateral order. For this reason, the UN General Assembly’s opening week in September was a great opportunity to bring the Alliance together. On 26 September 2019 France and Germany organized an “Alliance for Multilateralism” event alongside Canada, Mexico, Chile, Singapore and Ghana.

The “Ministerial Meeting: Building the Network and Presenting Results” was a testament to the growing network. It produced concrete results in an array of fields with partners from around the globe. Like-minded countries in varying cross-regional constellations rallied around specific issues, each with a focus on achieving concrete policy outcomes.


Statement by the co-chairs

Alliance for Multilateralism