Update Covid19 - Ministerial video Conference

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The Corona pandemic is a wake-up call for multilateralism. Only by acting in solidarity, by building up a stronger global immune system and by strengthening international cooperation can we overcome this threat to us all.

Faced with this unprecedented challenge, we must all join forces to contain and counter it. The Alliance for Multilateralism is committed to support the WHO and other parts of the United Nations family other international organizations, financial institutions and non-state actors in their efforts toward this end.

We are particularly concerned by the serious threat to developing and least developed countries, and countries in situations of conflict, where health systems are less prepared, as well as the particular risk faced by refugees and displaced persons.

We need to find answers on a global scale to cope with the various challenges this crisis implies. We continue to work together and the flexible, issue-based coalition that the Alliance for Multilateralism was built to be. Therefore, we fully support ongoing efforts by the United Nations, other international organizations, financial institutions and non-state actors for a global response to COVID-19. We strongly support efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres towards a global, coordinated response and his appeal for an immediate global ceasefire.

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