Stockholm Initiative


The nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation regime is at the crossroads:  geopolitical rivalry, proliferation crises, standstill in nuclear disarmament. The Stockholm Initiative aims at revitalizing disarmament diplomacy by concrete action that puts us back on track towards a world without nuclear weapons.

At the Berlin Ministerial 2020 Foreign Ministers adopted a declaration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) including a set of proposals (“stepping stones”) to advance nuclear disarmament – measures ranging from full transparency on nuclear arsenals, stricter restraint in nuclear doctrines, steps to reduce escalation risks to the extension of the landmark treaty New START, further stockpile reductions and broader arrangements in the future.  All States parties are invited to sign up to these 22 Stepping Stones for advancing nuclear disarmament.

The Stockholm initiative is committed to working with the NPT community towards a successful NPT Review Conference next August. 2021 will be the watershed year for nuclear disarmament.

Berlin Declaration incl. stepping stones (ENG/FR)