Berlin Principles on one Health


Today´s broad consensus is that health entails more than the absence of disease; it must incorporate socio-economic, political, evolutionary, and environmental factors while considering individual attributes and behaviours. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has established a growing awareness of the interdependence between the loss of biodiversity and the emergence of pandemics. Both those aspects lead to the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral “One Health” approach, based on the fact that human and animal health are linked to each other and to the health of the ecosystems in which they coexist.

International cooperation in this field must be intensified and existing structures strengthened. In this sense, the “Berlin principles”, the outcome document of the conference on „One Planet, One Health, One Future“ held in October 2019 in Berlin by the Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with the Wildlife Conservation Society can serve as a point of departure, calling for a “unity of approach that is achievable only through convergence of human, domestic animal, wildlife, plant, and environmental health”.